New web server. With new dynamic page script language.
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About "Kangaroo-egg" web server.

Kangaroo-egg is a new webserver, it use Java language developed. It followed HTTP1.1 protocol and has DQM script language and container, which operates very like Servlet/JSP. So it can used in medium or small web application. We believe it will become a popular webserver soon.

Kangaroo-egg is a exquisite server, its DQM language easy to learn. If you not need complex function of J2EE , then can try to use our server. Simple and enough.

Lasted version:0.8
Released on Sep 4, 2010
High risk patch:No
Normal risk patch:No
What special function we have?

Define the dynamic web page's extended name in yourself

Integrated function of compress HTTP content

Output file base on different permission

Easy create static page

IIS dynamic web page's extended name is ASP, Tomcat dynamic web page's extended name is JSP. What is kangaroo-egg dynamic web page's extended name? Any extended name that you want!


Not need plug-in, our server integrated function of compress HTTP content alread. You only decide enable it or not with DQM script language.


The files can download by login user only. What coding if you use JSP or ASP? Now you can use the method of DQM script language to do it, very easy.


Dynamic web page's content will not be changed for a long time, but many people visited it. If this dynamic web page can become a static html page, then efficiency will be improved.


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